Metacast® Borealis

Metacast® Borealis systems can be configured with redundant data servers, facilitating robust yet easy to employ load sharing across a regional, national and international television broadcast network.
Database import and export makes it possible to automatically produce content for mobile, on-line and on-air productions from one center, ensuring consistency across all platforms.

Metacast® Borealis is also frequently used to control hybrid installations, combined with the more pre-configured and automated Metacast® Viking and WeatherStream™ configurations (see below).

Metacast® Borealis also provides a platform for displaying unique data and derivative products, like UV forecasts, dust storms, ocean wave forecasts, temperature departures from normals, and upper air field parameters. The graphics style can easily be adjusted, from photo realistic to highly stylistic.

The world's most sophisticated weather graphics system

Metacast® Borealis has advanced graphics possibilities, with real time HD and SD broadcast capabilities, unlimited data layers, configurable for any graphics profile per the request of the client. Metacast® Borealis applies the latest within software and hardware technology to allow seamless multi-resolution terrain and mapping data for displays in 2D and 3D.

Resolution enhancement is available for data products like satellite and radar, to allow for local close up coverage. Installations can be single or multi system integrations, and can be distributed to remote locations, with configurable data mirroring and sharing.

Metacast® Borealis is built with:


Intel Xeon CPUs


nVidia Quadro Graphics Cards


DVS Atomix LT


Dell Precision R5500