WeatherOne services

WeatherOne is a “One Stop Weather Shop” and offers a complete line of products and services to the weather forecast market. Whatever need you might have, WeatherOne is able to find the perfect solution for your organisation. From local to global, any TV station or meteorological institute can find a solution to meet its needs and budget by working with WeatherOne.


WeatherOne can be your source of meteorological data. Allow our experts to help you decide what is best for your station and your viewers. Let WeatherOne take care of your weather data needs so that you can take care of your viewers.

A key aspect of WeatherOne is our ability to provide meteorological data specific to your station's needs. We will assist you in designing the perfect collection of data for your broadcast.

The engineers at WeatherOne are experts in converting data from any source. You can therefore use any meteorological data with your Metacast® product, not only data from our preferred vendors.


Custom made graphics from WeatherOne can be summed up in one word - Yours! Our graphics department can create symbols, banners, maps – any graphical element you want or need. This will add a truly individual look to your weather show. A customised graphics profile will set your station apart from the competition.

Any graphics you already have can be ingested and made a part of the Metacast® system, so that you can keep a whole profile or elements from a profile you already use even after the Metacast® system changeover.


Maps are a very important part of any weather show. In all the Metacast® products The Metacast® Intelligent Mapping system is incorporated. All maps are real maps, with latitude/longitude information build in. This gives you a range of opportunities that you miss when the “map” is simply an image.

We can provide you with all sort of different map styles and map types. You can choose between very naturalistic or very artistic maps, satellite imagery maps or data maps. You can of course choose between 2D and 3D maps, or choose to use both in the same show.


In addition to what is described above, WeatherOne’s highly educated consultancy staff offer a range of different services to our customers. The list below contains a few of the options you can choose from:

  • Graphical update of your shows
  • Advanced user training
  • Technical administration training
  • On site launch support when you go on air
  • Development of special features
  • Graphical Inspiration days