Metacast® Viking

Metacast® Viking is built on the same groundbreaking technology and our extensive experience as our sister product, the Metacast® Borealis.

Metacast® Viking has been developed as a complete broadcast weather graphics package, including hardware, software, maps, symbols, and of course, meteorological data. As such, the Metacast® Viking is a turn-key, production ready solution.

The Metacast® Viking itself is a software system, a one unit integration of a data ingest system, forecast preparation, graphics creation and broadcast production environment. It automatically creates the complete weather show for you, as often as you require at the times you desire. This makes the system extremely easy to use, and all operations are conducted through one easy to learn user interface.

Just one person, your presenter or producer, can operate the system with minimal amount of effort. Metacast® Viking sits quietly on your desk and automatically makes the whole weather show for you every day. Simply press a few buttons and the Metacast® Viking is ready to go straight on air with full and accurate local, regional or world forecast, with stunning and impressive graphics that captures your viewers.

Included in the Metacast® Viking package is point forecasts for the cities suited for your station’s weather show. Each Point Forecast contains three days of meteorological data for weather, max and min temperature, and wind direction and speed. The Metacast® Viking also includes one FlyThru (3D) over your desired area with weather and temperature icons. All meteorological data is updated twice daily.

The Metacast® Viking is the fast and easy solution that will revolutionise the way you present the weather to your viewers.