• Metacast® Borealis
    • Fast, to cover breaking weather news
    • Spectacular, modern, scalable
    • Seamless multi- and high-resolution 3D terrain and data
    • Unlimited data levels and types
    • Configurable, designed for growth
    • Power to utilize and enhance data and imagery

Metacast® Borealis

The world's most sophisticated Weather Graphics System

WeatherOne was the first company in the world providing an automated weather graphics solution based on real meteorological model data for the TV Broadcast market. This was back in 1993. Our main product then was the Metacast® Ultra, a trend setting groundbreaking product with more than 120 customers around the world. In 2003 we launched our next generation software, the Metacast® Borealis. We have built the software on all the knowledge we have acquired throughout the years, working with top TV stations around the globe. We have also worked closely with many of the best meteorological institutes in the world to ensure that our products keep the highest standards.

This combination of scientific orientation, combined with our extensive experience with the global TV-weather market makes Metacast® Borealis a unique product, second to none in this business.

If your TV station is looking for new sophisticated looks that will make your Weather stand out from all others in your market, Metacast® Borealis will suit you perfectly.

The system is based on basic PC-technology. The Metacast® Borealis is data independent. We can offer all kinds of meteorological data, or we will integrate any data from your preferred weather data vendor. We work in close cooperation with numerous met institutes around the world, and are always happy to start new relationships with more.

The weather data is ingested automatically into the computer, and when you open the Metacast® Borealis, your updated weather show is there, ready to go on air. The system is the most flexible of all in the market today. Editing your custom made template shows is simple and fast, even creating new elements or new template shows is so fast and easy that anyone can learn it in just two short days of training.

There are absolutely no limits in the graphics profile you can use. If you have maps, symbols, backgrounds or any other graphical element you want to use, we will incorporate it into your default set up and if you want use them to create your default template shows. We can also train you to do this work yourself if that would suit you better. If you do not have any of the graphical elements yourself, we have an extensive library you can choose from, or we will custom make a new profile for your TV station exclusively. Our graphical flexibility makes us able to have many customers in the same market and still have every single one of them stand out from the rest with a uniquely branded look.