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Main office - Norway

+47 2279 7030


Sandakerveien 114a,
N-0484 Oslo

About WeatherOne

WeatherOne is a Norwegian software company that provides weather forecast solutions for broadcast and digital media world wide. Our headquarters are in Oslo, Norway, with additional agency, sales and service offices in Birmingham, England; Tokyo, Japan; Sydney, Australia and Washington DC, USA.


Our systems were designed from the ground up to accept any data, from standard World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) formats to proprietary image & data formats. We have successfully interfaced with any (no exception) documented data stream made available to us.


The key value for WeatherOne is flexibility, which for us translates to the ability to provide solutions tailored to fit your needs. Our product suite range from ready-for-air graphics e-mailed to you, to large scale 24h weather channel solutions.


We aim to give you the best experience whether you are the local TV-station or the largest international channel. We take our customers very seriously, and we know from our long experience in this business that the needs for unique solutions are very strong. Your weather is our business.

The History of WeatherOne

WeatherOne started as a commercial offspring from SINTEF, one of the largest and most prestigious research facilities in Europe, that revolutionized TV weather forecasting in 1993. We introduced data driven broadcast graphics production and visualized supercomputer models directly on TV using our all in one SGI/IRIX based system named ULTRA.

For more than a decade, WeatherOne has served TV stations around the world with installations in 40 countries and on all 5 continents.

Today we use the latest off the shelf hardware and OS with our newest Metacast® software that is continously evolving in our R&D department staffed by experienced software engineers. We firmly believe that WeatherOne now stands out as the ideal provider for any TV broadcaster, interactive media or mobile media operator with a current and future requirement for weather information.